Picai - Smart AI Camera

Just pick one filter from Picai's AI recommendations! With Picai's picture-perfect filter recommendations from analyzing your photos, You can take amazing photos fast and easily with Picai!

Tired of picking best filter for your photos? Picai can help you!

Scene Recognition

Picai automatically analyzes and recognizes your photo using AI algorithms. Picai knows cover-worthy filters for your selfie, appetizing filters for food and perfect filters for your shot.

Filter Recommendation

Picai will show two optimum filters for the perfect shot from 100+ filters. Picai utilizes patented cutting-edge AI deep learning technology for your best moment.

Easy Selection

Pick one filter from Picai’s recommendations. Picai’s patented split-screen filter selection is unique compared to any other camera apps.

Essential Camera Features

We have essential features like timer, full-screen camera, silent mode for your photo of day.

..Any shot is beautiful with Picai!